Commited to training women, new shooters & those who are fearful of firearms


Defensive Firearms Training

Defensive firearms training in the Twin Cities, MN focusing on defensive training for women, new shooters, and those fearful of firearms.

Classes taught by The Well Armed Woman certified, NRA certified & USCCA certified instructor Kyle Jennifer Scott.

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Build Confidence & Skill

Firearms training shouldn't be intimidating.  Training should be respectful, comfortable, empowering, fun, informative, and focused first and foremost on safety.  

We'll work with you on finding what works best for you, your circumstances, and your ability level.  And, even if you decide firearms aren't for you, we'll help you find solutions that you're comfortable with.

What you can learn:

  • Handgun safety
  • Handgun basics 
  • Situational awareness
  • How to reduce your chance of becoming a victim
  • How to select a handgun
  • How to safely carry a handgun
  • Carrying options and whether they are right for you
  • Setting up a practice program
  • MN Carry Permit required course material
  • FL Concealed Carry Permit course material
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